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Eric Barrett – Managing Director

eb4Born in the early ’70s in beautiful Northern Minnesota, Eric started his professional life as a political fundraiser for various U.S. Senatorial and Congressional campaigns. He then left politics and entered the dynamic and competitive world of both the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

In 2005, Eric was in Chicago at a trade show and met a very bright individual who was running the Product Development and Sourcing division of a fortune 100 company.  They instantly hit it off and drafted a rough business idea for a company that could address the growing segment of e-commerce.  Over the years the idea evolved and we pivoted to a new avenue and focus that would help small businesses and individuals that are manufacturing and importing products from China and selling them in the US and European markets via various e-commerce platforms. A partnership was formed and KiwiCow was founded.

Aside from working for corporate America, Eric has also started numerous companies and has been a seed investor for 2 natural gas and oil companies. He currently serves on the board of directors for Texas-based oil exploration and production company and is involved in 2 other active, international start-up ventures.



John Smith- Procurement  Director

mrxFor reasons    we will explain, we can’t disclose the name or actual photo of our agent in China. This isn’t us trying to build up the mystery and intrigue surrounding “John”, it stems from the fact that we have been burned before.  The import/export landscape is so competitive that companies will do just about anything to secure a reliable, talented and Mandarin-speaking American in China who knows the business.  And frankly, John is the best in the business and we aren’t taking chances.

John was born in Chicago and   stayed close to home to attend the University of Chicago where he graduated with a degree in international business.  He then left Illinois and went to graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania – Wharton School of Business where he earned his International MBA. He went on to take a position as  Product Development Director in China for a Fortune 100 company.  After working for the “man” for 4 years, it became clear to John that he needed to venture out on his own and chase his dream of building an international company from the ground up.  Having met Eric years earlier when he was in Chicago, John remembered a conversation they had about e-commerce and importing from China.  A phone call was made, a meeting set up, and Kiwi Cow was born.

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