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Product Research

Shipping and Product Research   Need a product to sell?  No problem.  Our advanced software will scrape Amazon as well as many E-commerce sites to produce custom reports that will offer product suggestions to you based on criteria that you dictate.  Price point? Weight? More than 300 reviews? Less than 5 competitors?  We can drill […]

Amazon FBA Prep

Amazon Fulfillment Services Amazon FBA Prep Amazon FBA sellers can ask their suppliers to deliver their products to our processing station. We will then do an assessment of how to best prep your products so they comply with Amazon FBA’s terms and policies. This can include anything from putting items into polybags, applying warning labels, […]

Importing from China

Import Consulting Services   Importing From China Since most big retailers are now sourcing from China, small businesses, Amazon, and eBay sellers typically wonder if they should do the same, but are often scared off  by the details and complexities of getting started. These include identifying suppliers, negotiating  prices and MOQs, selecting suppliers, sample process, paying suppliers, inspecting the product, […]


KIWI COW SUPPLIER REPORT CARD Part of the excitement of importing from China is the journey to find the right supplier to produce your product. When you point your browser to Alibaba, or one of the other on-line supplier directories, you may start to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of companies listed and the […]


Custom-Handling Services     3PL. We handle all of the  logistics for you, from multiple factory order consolidation and container loading to freight forwarding and customs clearance. Documentation: We make sure there are no surprises by making sure your product has the necessary certification, inspection, and paperwork. Warehousing and Transportation: We will work with our roster of freight […]

Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing From China   Whatever you plan to import, you’re likely to find a long list of potential suppliers, all eager to do business with you.  Some are legitimate factories and some are trading companies.  Both have their place, depending on your needs.  And as in any booming economy, weaker companies can go under just as […]

Supplier Negotiation

Supplier Negotiation   With seemingly millions of suppliers in China and knowing that they do this on a daily basis, we can provide you with some tips and processes for negotiating the lowest price possible.  Our expertise in this area comes from years of sourcing products ourselves before starting Kiwi Cow.  We’ve been there!  We […]

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance In Services   Towards the end of the manufacturing stage, we will inspect the products and ensure all products are up to your standards. You may provide us with a list of inspection parameters for your product, which we will use as a guide. Our experts in China will take pictures or video showing any possible […]

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