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Part of the excitement of importing from China is the journey to find the right supplier to produce your product. When you point your browser to Alibaba, or one of the other on-line supplier directories, you may start to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of companies listed and the plethora of products they offer. However, many of the suppliers you will find are not true factories, as they may claim to be. Most of the suppliers on these B2B directories, like Alibaba, are trading companies. Some are indeed true manufacturers, but how can you be sure they are reliable, or able to ensure compliance with myriad specifications or certifications that are required in the USA to legally sell via your distribution channel?

China is a very complex and dynamic market and unfortunately, there are many fraudulent and shady suppliers looking to make quick money befor they get shut down. Another one of the big problems is not all companies are fake but they have developed elaborate systems for manipulating people to get their money, even if it is just a couple thousand dollars. These scammers have great looking websites, email addresses, chat programs, and phone numbers all for the sole purpose of scamming you for a few bucks. You would be surprised at the lengths they will go to just to make a few hundred dollars.

One recent report stated that there are over 15,000 of these types of “suppliers”! That alone should make you stop and seriously consider utilizing our Supplier Report card service.

We have personell in China who meet with factories on a daily basis and have great, long-standing relationships with hundreds of reputable suppliers. Our people are experts in identifying quality manufacturers because, in most cases, we know them personally, or at least know of them. And the ones we don’t know, we will go and visit them for an interview as well as an inspection of the facilities. We can even take pictures to show you the operation–if they will allow it.

Why waste time and money taking a chance with suppliers from China? For a very small cost you can get one of our Supplier Report Cards and verify the legitimacy and quality of your supplier choices. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind! Not to mention it could save you thousands of dollars.

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